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    - Created in 1980 
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The Washington Fire Commissioners Association (WFCA) sponsors health and welfare benefits for fire service personnel employed by Fire Protection Districts, Regional Fire Authorities, Municipal Fire Departments, and Qualified Public Authorities.

The WFCA Health Care Program provides comprehensive and affordable health care coverage for its members. We are a non-profit health care program focused on serving fire service employees and their families. Our goal is to promote the health and well-being of our members while keeping premiums affordable. The PPO-Plus, PPO-100 and Traditional Medical Plans will experience a 5 percent premium increase in 2018 after six years of no premium increases.

The WFCA Health Care Program sponsors:

  • Self-insured medical plans
  • Insured medical plans
  • Insured dental plans
  • Life and AD&D insurance

Eligible Groups

Eligible employee groups for the WFCA Health Care Program are:

  • Member participating fire protection districts, their employees and dependents 
  • Qualified regional fire authorities, their employees and dependents
  • Qualified municipal fire departments, their employees and dependents
  • Qualified public authorities 
  • Qualified retirees
  • Qualified WFCA employees 
  • Qualified fire commissioners 
  • Qualified retired fire commissioners
  • Other personnel approved by the Health Care Committee and the Board of Directors

Becoming a Member

To enroll, an eligible fire service organization must be a member of the Washington Fire Commissioners Association and/or meet other applicable eligibility criteria and obtain approval of the WFCA Board of Directors.


If you’re interested to learn more, contact us at 1-800-491-9322 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your peace of mind is important to us.

Because we value the hard work and diligent service you provide to make our communities safe, we are proud to offer comprehensive benefits to protect enrolled members and their families and to keep you healthy and secure. 

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